Thank you to our Recent customers We donated to ...

Thank you to our Recent Customers we make a small donation to

Sirus  animal Rescue in Romania - Twitter @siriusanimalre1

Saving Suffering Animals in Europe & UK - supporting the work of Milena Malesevic, lone rescuer for 25 years, and to helping stray dogs in Europe : Twitter @SSStrays

Senior Dog Santuray Maryland USA - Buddy Love's Heartwarming Story   Ortho Specialist  explaining why surgery is not an option for Buddy and why getting him his custom cart was the best option for him to live the best life he possibly can  - Buddy Love will warm your heart - Facebook :@SeniorDogSanctuaryMD

Dogs for the Disabled in Ireland - Have the most amazing Children supporting them - We sent a little something to them for their hard work -

Madra Ireland - Wonderful Children  In Cork doing their hard Work Fundraiser  - they are very special Kids -

Förderverein Eifeltierheim e.V. in Germany - Facebook - http://@Foerderverein.Eifeltierheim

Thank you to our Recent customers We donated to ...